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Here are some examples of our latest work. 
Stating an 80+ wire network cabling job
Splitting phone and data
Finished product
Phone termination
CAT6 termination
Upgrading a laptop with and SSD
6 Monitor work station
Bad Capacitor on back light PSU
Monitor tear down for bad back light PSU
PS3 Repair
Xbox 360 Repair
Xbox 360 DVD Drive Replacement
Installing LCD on the wall and networking with customer's PC so they could watch episode of House that they downloaded.
Upgrade your hard drive to a blazing fast SSD!
Reasons to upgrade:
  • More durable (bump and drop proof)
  • Lighter
  • No moving parts (less that can go wrong)
  • Smaller form factor (more portable)
  • Less power consumption (longer battery life)
  • Zero Access time (Faster)